Drift Compatible Podcast: #HateHashtags

Brent and Alex are back this week and spend most of their time talking about anything other than the debate. Including, but not limited to, baseball, a brief jump back to last episode’s discussion on precedence, law school, stupid courtroom stories, Microsoft, Bethesda, gaming, and Alex sent Brent into a fury of spittle and profanity on a subject THAT WILL NOT BE MENTIONED.

And yes, the debate is covered as well.

Enjoy! Use headphones!


Drift Compatible Podcast: ALL The Profanity

Alex and Brent are back and so is the profanity. Boy is it back. With style. And flair. Alex and Brent discuss RBG, the Supreme Court, rule of law, no knock raids, Breonna Taylor, Don Lemon being so stupid he made Fredo the intelligent voice of reason, new tv shows, and what games we’re playing.

Enjoy! Use multiple sets of headphones!