Podcast 2-5-19

Sorry we missed last week. I’ll spare everyone the stupid details, but, just let me caution you to never have shoulder surgery. Or, maybe it’s just me that has every problem imaginable. That’s much more likely.

So we’re here and talking about the NY and VA infanticide bills, the insanity of the VA gov and lt gov, what it means to be “NeverTrump”, and a quick game of “Where In The World Is Ruth Bader Ginsburg?”

We finish up as always with media/entertainment. Alex gives us an in depth review of The Passage series. Brief chat on the Super Bowl. The commercials we liked, specifically the cool story behind part of the NFL Legends commercial. A few upcoming movies we’re looking forward to including Us, Lego Movie 2, and How To Train Your Dragon 3.

Hope you enjoy!


Podcast 1-22-19: Back and Rolling

After a hiatus for the holidays and….stuff….we’re back and profane as usual.

The big topic this week is, of course, Covington Catholic and those damn boys in red hats. We talk about the issue itself, but even moreso about the various responses.

We also talk a fair bit about current and upcoming video games, a couple of movies we’re looking forward to (The Kid Who Would Be King, Avengers: Endgame, John Wick 3), and Notorious RBG theories.

And we kick it all off with Buzzfeed and their self-clowning.

Hope you enjoy and, as always, wear headphones.

Drift Compatible Podcast 12-12-18

New week, new pod.

Hey guess what? We discuss a lot of crap.

We talk about Trump, Pelosi, and Schumer in the Oval Office. About the idea of debating this crap in public. We talk what the Supreme Court did, AND DID NOT, decide this week. We talk about The Weekly Standard. We talk baseball. We talk weather. And everything in between.

As always, headphones are a must.

Hope you enjoy this episode!


Drift Compatible Podcast 12-4-18

Back after a couple weeks off for holidays/personal reasons.

So. Things are happening. We start off with me catching everyone up on something, personal, that I mentioned a couple months ago. From there we jump into the major stories of this week. Bush 41 passing away, SCOTUS curb stomping Civil Asset Forfeiture, the death of The Weekly Standard (*snickers*), and possibly a rape victim using a potato peeler to skin her assailant’s…..well….you get the idea. We wander to and fro as always.

Thanks for hanging in there and we hope you enjoy the episode.

P.S. – The audio is not entirely what I want it to be. Could be multiple things. Bad internet connection. Skype updated minutes before we connected. Alex is on a new device. Hopefully, we’ll have everything up to snuff next week. (BC)


Drift Compatible Podcast – Election Episode

Welcome back for another episode. Obviously the vast bulk of this episode will deal with the results of the midterm elections. We also get into Jim Acosta, Tucker Carlson, and various other topics as they pop into our heads.

As always, headphones are recommended. We actually were a bit extra sweary this time around, so seriously, HEADPHONES.

Hope you enjoy!

Podcast 10-31-18

8 days late, but here we are!

You’re favorite purveyors of profanity are back and a full two hours this time around.

We discuss life outside of politics, the caravan, birthright citizenship, “cy pres” and the Supreme Court, and the greatest video game to drop in the last few months Red Dead Redemption II.

Hope you enjoy the podcast and as always, headphones are a must.

And here’s the link to the Andrew McCarthy article at NRO: Can Trump End Birthright Citizenship by Executive Order?

Drift Compatible Podcast 10-15-18

Back and on time!

We, sadly, were not able to sink up schedules with our prospective guest, but we will keep plugging away at it.

So you get your normal dose of profanity from Alex and Brent.

We discuss Elizabeth Warren, a bit on race, the newest migrant caravan, the idea of a nation state, and a look back at the incredible and insane Days of Rage/political violence of the 70s.

We also briefly hit video games, especially Red Dead Redemption 2.

Hope you enjoy!


UPDATED: Here’s the link I promised and then promptly forgot. Thanks to SouthCentralPa for the reminder.


Drift Compatible Podcast 10-9-18

Back again!

Alex and I discuss baseball, the response to Kavanaugh’s confirmation, the personality flip of Lindsey Graham, Bloomberg’s fellating of Bob O’Rourke, and many other varied and wonderful things.

Alex gives us a couple of recommendations on entertainment. The first being Kurt Schlichter’s new book, Militant Normals. The other being the tv show The Good Place.

Hope you enjoy this week’s episode. Like share subscribe and all that other stuff. Hell, recommend it someone even. But as always, WEAR HEADPHONES.

Drift Compatible Podcast – Special Edition!

Eh. It’s “Special Edition!” because it’s coming to you a day late. You’ll hear about why when you listen.

So Kegstand Kavanaugh is once again dominating the news cycle and, therefore, the podcast. We also discuss some baseball to start with. We get into some loosely affiliated topics surrounding Kavanaugh like generational wars, nerds vs jocks, the intersection of comedy and political correctness. Of course we wander. But not all who wander are lost.

Hope you enjoy it and we’ll see you next week.


Drift Compatible Podcast 9-18-18


After a lengthy absence, which we discuss, we’re back to swearing….I mean podcasting….again. And boy did we do a lot of both. HEADPHONES ARE A MUST.

The main topic for the evening was Kavanaugh. We discussed the original hearings, but you’ll be unsurprised to discover that we spent a lot of time on the allegation that’s been leveled here recently.

We also get into Trump’s declassification of documents and texts related to the Carter Page warrant, baseball, books, tv shows, and video games. And, of course, we wander hither and yon as is normal.

It’s been a while. A long while. But we’re both happy to be back and venting and cursing and generally opining on current events.

Hope you enjoy this episode and we’ll see you again next week.