Drift Compatible Podcast: MiniPod!

No full episode this week but Brent gives you an update on the pod itself and a few minutes on the election.

No need for headphones this time around!

3 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast: MiniPod!

  1. Getting outside my bubble into the marketplace of ideas is going to mean the same tired old ideas I hear and have heard everywhere all my life isn’t it? That’s what it usually means.

  2. Thanks for the update. I, for one, appreciate the much more nuanced approach to post election day shenanigans, chicanery.

    Halo 4 for PC is out (released to everyone yesterday the 17th). So there’s that. In the mean time, I’m taking another look at indie release Phoenix Point (released about a year ago) which sort of combines XCOM 2 and Gears Tactics plus a re imagining of the original Microprose UFO Defense soundtrack. Baldur’s Gate III is still on track looks great so far but maybe 60% done. Finally, still barely any movement on Subnautica: Sub Zero. Think I may just forget about it.

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