Drift Compatible Podcast: The Election. Yaaaaay.

So it turns out that several states are as good at the timely counting of votes as Brent and Alex are at consistently recording podcasts.

The only real news is, of course, the election.


Wear headphones and enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast: The Election. Yaaaaay.

  1. Alex, welcome to the timesuck known as Kingmaker!!! I backed it on Kickstarter because we did the Pathfinder campaign several years ago, and it was fun. One piece of advice: Pay attention to your followers’ characteristics and talents for the first phase, because you need to know that information for the second phase when you’re setting up your kingdom. Enjoy!

  2. Seriously, I just don’t want media, big tech, and business as usual to win. #Resistance was bad enough. #Revenge will be worse. This morning (Friday) Steve Bannon was expelled simultaneously from social media.

    I really like having Trump as president.

    Episode 9 of The Mandalorian wasn’t too bad. Other than that RLM’s Rich and Mike did another top 10 ST:TNG episodes. I’d forgotten just how good a show it was at times. Finally, I “miss” the “muzak” in stores. Kroger and Publix et all now doing a sort of “Mix FM best of the 80s and 90s” thing I find distracting. Only reprieve was once in a Big Lots when Needtobreathe “Testify” was played.

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