Drift Compatible Podcast: Elections, Courts, and Nerd-dom

After a week off due to Alex getting sick due to mac n cheese, truthfully, Brent and Alex are back this week with election predictions, Georgia state referendums, a bit of SCOTUS, baseball, and whatever else pops into their brains.

Yes, Brent goes super comic book nerd in the final segment. You have been warned.

Hope you enjoy! Wear headphones!

5 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast: Elections, Courts, and Nerd-dom

  1. The audio is so much better now.
    The coconut girlscout cookies are samoas. And they are literal crack. Thank you for the podcast I look forward to this every time it’s up.

  2. “You don’t answer the door”.

    I had this rule as well and it resulted in my 13 year old son being home during a break in of what the burglar thought was an empty house.

    Fortunately, 8 years of karate lessons instilled realistic threat recognition skills and my son was able to escape unharmed.

    But I often think a simple shout of “go away” at the knock on the door could have saved us all a lot of stress.

  3. Next episode should have Brent introducing Alex and then zipping it so we can hear Ms. The Chick make cute little Alex noises for two hours.

  4. I think that, while I was allowed to roam all over Gods green earth as a child (often miles from home), I grew up in an area decidedly rural and a proper neighborhood. Where I live now, choices for kids to roam free are limited. As much as I wish my children have similar experiences I had, things really have changed the last (sorry, coughing fit) years. There’s no woods with blackberry bushes and honeysuckle or grasslands crisscrossed with fire roads. Just cul-de-sac planned neighborhoods off multi lane highway– “rows of houses that are all the same”

    Come to think of it, my grandparents were much stricter than my parents. Maybe it skips a generation.

  5. Thanks for plugging the Decision Desk! I’m the Iowa team captain this year, and it’s going to be INSANE, but the fun kind of insane.

    Also, of course my Dodgers win the World Series in the year I’m boycotting them.

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