Drift Compatible Podcast: Santa is a Grinch

After a couple weeks off surrounding Thanksgiving, Alex and Brent are back and discussing SCOTUS, Santa, and CyberPunk2077.


Wear headphones!

4 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast: Santa is a Grinch

  1. Why (Oh, WHY?!) did none of the election observers not have their cameras recording audio, as a minimum? Why did nobody record officials making announcements?

    To quote Charlie Brown: Aaugh!

    • I’m not sure what the laws are regarding recording equipment while counting ballots, but prohibition is definitely possible. With the large number of absentee and mail-in ballots, there was a lot of personal information (address, signature, etc) being handled.

      • So? Don’t wave it around. Discreet audio recording is easy. “Hidden vedeo recorders” take more thought and planning, but this all shows it’s worth it. What they don’t see (until it’s published) won’t bother them.

        Now that the Nine Boobs in Black have declared vote-counting facilities to be open-season areas for crime, I’ll want my camera rolling when some folks show up with super-soakers filled spraying nasty stuff about.

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