Drift Compatible Podcast: Don’t Be A Chump

Alex and Brent are back this week with, dammit, more election stuff. Yeah it’s all pretty much related to that. Can we have a good shutdown fight or something?

Headphones, as always, are a must!


9 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast: Don’t Be A Chump

  1. There was a yougov/Economist poll indicating that 40% of the population believe there was enough fraud to affect the outcome of the election. If that’s anywhere close to accurate then democracy is dead, in the nietzschean sense, though the forms may carry on for a while.

  2. Since its not just the season – please keep in mind that I (and I’m certain many others) are Thankful for the two of you and all you do.

    I’d like your thoughts on the Cheater-dems needing to maintain the facade of a Biden presidency for 2 years and a day so that VP Kneepads can then be steal the next two rigged elections.

    Oh, and Happy Tattoo Day Brent

  3. Well we’ll. This is a nice surprise.

    What a difference 12 hours makes. Wayne Canvassing officials reneged and some semblance of a Kraken was described. Will it be enough? Hope so, but it’s always an uphill fight when it comes to outsiders vs insiders.

    I deleted my Twitter five years ago or sometime around the time Adam Baldwin and Larry Correia first got shadow banned so I knows nothin’ I sees nothin’ what goes on there.

    Love the podcast. Enjoy the break.

  4. I totally agree about the “put up or shut up.” As I’ve said about all allegations of vote fraud going back decades, the appropriate place to reveal evidence is to an appropriate law enforcement agent or in a filing to a court in which you have standing, not in a press conference.

    Of course, I think voter fraud is tantamount to treason, no matter who does it. While I have certain preferences, I don’t care so much which choice is chosen as long as it represents the will of the people.

  5. I think every American needs and deserves to know the truth of what happened in the election.

    I watched “the pause” in realtime, and it was baffling to see. We were told beforehand when counties were going to stop counting for the night and when they’d resume in the morning, only to have numbers randomly pop up between those two times. We had to scramble at that point to try and track down where these numbers were coming from and we were all beyond sleep-deprived at that point. I’m sure they were counting on most Americans being asleep while they did this, but they forgot that presidential elections are like big hits of crack for political junkies. 😉

    But I do appreciate the comeback I now have to those who dismiss the “small” numbers of fraudulent votes: “Then why would anyone do it if it didn’t matter?” So thank you for that!

  6. I totally understand Alex’s feelings about Erickson. I’ve listened to his show in the past, and the smug dismissive tone comes across there as well, especially when he disagrees with his audience. He’s one of those people that exudes, “I’ve already thought about this, so if you’ve come to a different opinion, you’re just wrong, and probably stupid/uninformed.” Like Brent, I probably agree more than disagree with him, but while I hear what he says, his delivery just repels me.

  7. Kids,

    Apologies if you’ve already addressed this, but did you watch the same Dune trailer I did? I recognized several aspects (grav belts, shield tech) and people (Gurney Halleck, Duncan Idaho, Mother Gaius Monham) from the books, so I don’t think there’s as much deviation as you guys think.

    Also, if you guys want to hear some opposing arguments both for no-knock warrants and civil forfeiture, I’m game.

    Take care–and Brent, don’t bother with Umbrella Academy, watch the Boys again instead, much better written and more laughs.

    Stay safe,

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