Drift Compatible Podcast: The Wandering

Alex and Brent are back and…..yeah. Lots of stuff hit here. Everything from Biden to Twitter to Section 230 to Biden’s townhall to sports injuries to…well…just listen.

But when you listen, USE HEADPHONES!

9 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast: The Wandering

  1. You DO read these!

    I *was* having issues with the podcast via my phone when downloaded through Podcast Addict. Moving around the MP3 would skip back to a previous random point, FF or Rewind would do same. Downloading the mp3 from drift-compatible.com and listening to that on on my desktop was the only stable way to hear youse both.

    And this episode: FIXED! Huzzah! Thank you! You both also presented at approximately the same volume.

    As ever, it was a pleasure to listen to the two of you. This Texan appreciates the effort you put into this podcast. Keep up the good work!

  2. Audio does seem to be a bit better this week. Still not quite even though I think. Definitely didn’t have to crank it up all the way in my car though to hear. Could it also be the choice of mic? I think Cochran uses a real mic and Alex is just using her phone mic which has the compression of… a phone speaker. So might not really be much that can be done to fully even them out.

  3. Audio was much better this week (i’m on a PC, and have generally just left it at max volume, this week Brent was too loud at max volume, but there was sufficient wiggle room I could hear Alex at a lower setting.

    I think Mauler/EFAP has us beat on injoke magnitude, so we’re maybe third, then.

    • Today, I invented a new conspiracy theory:

      Establishment higher-ups engineered the de-containment of, token residence to the Hunter Biden data to cover up the fact they’ve been lying to their own constituencies Biden was ever ahead and had a chance of winning. This “leak” is exactly timed to coincide with Biden’s decline in the polls as more pollsters weigh the pros and cons of being as accurate as possible, and to excuse Biden’s eventual loss to an incumbent continually cast as an underdog.

      Remember folks, Democrats never actually lose.

      I think I deserve some sort of medal for not going to Ars Technica to troll about Ajit Pai’s section 230 “clarifying” rule making. “How does ‘net neutrality’ taste now, bitches?”

  4. I seriously thought that Brent said “oraled in real time” instead of “Orwelled” around 1:19. It did not help that you guys were talking about sexual preference, although it may have been a factor!

    Pookette has a slightly different “SEGA” memory:

  5. So, my listening got interrupted a bit ago. I finished this morning. Yeah audio was much louder, better– especially at the end (last 40 minutes or so)

    I almost always listen wired headset and AtC has been very low for some time (insert joke here) using the AntennaPod app. Switching to phone speaker has no such issue..I believe it has something to do with the audio processing.in place when the device thinks there may be a headset attached to prevent any chance at hearing damage.

    Lawyers ruin everything.

    On a side note, the Apple 11 Pro is half again louder via “wired” connection as my Sony Xperia.

    Did I mention lawyers? Oh yeah.

  6. If you two are planning a podcast for this week, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the proposed ‘Sovereign Immunity’ amendment in Georgia. If not, I’d like to read them here or on The Twitter.

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