Drift Compatible Podcast: SCOTUS Special Edition

Welcome back….or welcome!

So a couple things….if you’re new here….this is a podcast where adults (Brent, Alex, and Doc) discuss adult topics using adult language and severe sarcasm, humor, and inappropriateness. If this bothers/offends you, that’s fine, but know that this isn’t the podcast for you. If you’re fine with that, we still highly recommend headphones.

Still with us? Alright then. Know that in this podcast we discuss the recent slate of Supreme Court decisions. Two of us are law school graduates and one is an MD. We have some specific knowledge that assists in the processing of the SCOTUS decisions. We mix factual statements with opinion. We try to be very obvious about which is which. Anything and everything we say is ours unless we give specific attribution. NOTHING we saw should be associated with friends, families, employers, organizations, or literally anyone other than the three of us.

If you’re still with us, we hope you enjoy the listen and you learn something.

3 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast: SCOTUS Special Edition

  1. Question… can the Defense Department ignore state laws like the Secretary of Defense said they will???? Won’t that cause chaos??? Isn’t that Insurrection-y??? Because it sure sounds like it.

  2. The argument that the Constitution guarantees equal protection is a weak in regard to homosexual marriage. You have to redefine what marriage has always meant under Christian, Western European legal terms. It is between a man and a woman. I guess you are arguing that marriage means anything anyone wants it to mean? If so, you tacitly give support to not being able to define what is a man or a woman. I was surprised that Cochrane used that argument. Homosexual relationships cannot be viewed as equal because by definition they are not equal. If you want to say they are equal, then reading to kindergartners about Billy having two moms is not a problem. The relationships are equal, right?

    Also, it was disappointing to hear the bashing on homosexual marriage opposition. Just pass a Constitutional amendment is weak. Although people may be more receptive now to rolling it back. Christians tried to head this off in the 90’s with DOMA. Remember, the smart people said we did not need an amendment. Several states passed amendments codifying marriage as between a man and a woman. Meanwhile, I believe, only one or maybe two states passed homosexual marriage amendments. It was not until 2015 that SCOTUS took it out of everyone’s hands. That’s only seven years ago. After two decades of fighting and winning, to have it stripped away in 2015 was demoralizing. The fruits of that decision are finally ripening and maybe an opposition will begin to reappear.

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