Drift Compatible Podcast: 5-28-22

Sorry for the long delay between recording and posting. There was a very specific detail that had to be fixed. Pod could not be posted without fixing it and it took forever to find.

But any who, BC, Alex, and TMI are back discussing, Depp v. Heard, SCOTUS leaks, and both the horror and cowardice in Texas. Plus, you know, all the other things running through our brains at any given moment.

Headphones are a must.


PS – The long delay means that while recording, we had no idea it would be posted on Memorial Day. BC, Alex, and Doc all wish to extend all honor and glory to those who have given all so that we may do this silly fun thing that we do.

10 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast: 5-28-22

  1. Just the other day, I was thinking, “Y’know, the school year is almost over. I wonder if BC will finally have time to do a podcast with AtC and TMI.” Lo and behold, my wish has been granted!

    Great to hear you guys again!

  2. I’ve followed a bit of the Depp Heard case. I subscribe to the belief that it wasn’t a bump of coke that she took. Rather it was something that was supposed to help her tear up because she just could not cry. I’m guessing you recorded this before the end of the trial so how do you feel about Heard’s team trying to slip the same photo in as evidence for two separate incidents that she testified to. I’m also a bit fascinated with the Court TV and lawyers on YouTube “drama.” Court TV Has got to be pissed about a bunch of people sitting around in their shorts and one using an umbrella for a face getting more than them. A couple of them had actually gotten into the trial and apparently completely changed how Court TV was covering things because they started covering juror reactions to the testimony. So it is quite interesting to see that shift in real time just how all this live lawyer analysis with Rekieta came about from Rittenhouse.

  3. Um I’m not the only one that heard the random “shit” in a robotic female voice near the end am I? I was listening from Apple podcast

  4. Great to hear from y’all again! I’m happy that everyone is employed, certified, and/or on summer break. BC, I echo what Alex said about how you’re serving those kids — I have a soon-to-be eighth grader and would be honored if he were in your class.

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