Drift Compatible Podcast 8-6-21

Short episode this week as BC is in full on panic mode prepping for the start of school. BC, Alex, and The Doc spend some time this evening discussing the blatant lies, stupidity and misinformation surrounding and permeating medical and legal news. BC also used his producer prerogative to give almost 5 golden minutes of pure ear candy as Gov. Ron DeSantis recently went on a serious rant and blasted Biden. After the clip, you’ll need a cigarette, a cookie, and some gatorade.

Enjoy! Wear headphones!

Drift Compatible Podcast 7-31-21

New pod starts out like an old school pod! You get a solid 45 minutes or so at the beginning of just Alex and BC doing their thing talking about Simone Biles and her decision to withdraw from the Olympics. Have no fear! The Doc is able to join in at that point and we roll into the weekly stupidity regarding Teh Covid.

The profanity, for us, is fairly minor this week! However, there’s still profanity. Wear your headphones.


Drift Compatible Podcast: Art?

After a week off for BC’s birthday, the full crew is back this week with, shocker, things to say. Discussion starts with the USWNT and their anthem theatrics. From there it’s on to a listener requested discussion on Hunter Biden and his art. Finally, this episode wraps up with discussion of the Delta Variant and Fauci vs Paul.


Wear headphones!

Drift Comp…Vodcast?

That’s right! Finally! We…have…VIDEO!

So Alex was out on vacation and TMI wasn’t sure if he would be able to come on due to guests. Enter Joe Cunningham. Joe is a Senior Editor at Redstate, cohost of his own podcast, Homestyle, an educator, and is breaking into local talk radio.

Join the guys as they talk Trevor Bauer, kinky sex, Britney Spears, WWE, and the Delta Variant. It’s a different one, for sure!


(Out of respect for the good Doc’s wishes, and the fact that people be crazy, his video is blurred out to protect his privacy.)

Drift Compatible Podcast: Incompetence and Immorality

After a week off, Alex and BC are back and are once again joined by TMI3rd, who is fresh off a wonderful vacation with his wife and kids.

This week gets discussion on the incredible audacity and damage of Fauci, the embarrassing incompetence of Biden, and the idea of morality and business.

The need for headphones isn’t tremendous, but it isn’t 0 either.


Drift Compatible Podcast 5-27-21

BC, Alex, and TMI are back with a slightly shorter, but no less crazy, episode this week. They discuss COVID, the media, conspiracy theories, John Cena, China, movies, production, and even a bit of sports and video games. THere’s likely more in there, but those are the high points.

Fairly clean episode……by our standards. So you still need the headphones.

AUDIO QUALITY: Yes we are very much aware that the audio was not great last week. Due to an unavoidable time crunch, BC was not able to do the normal post production and what everyone heard was literally the raw audio. This week’s episode should be back to it’s normal level.


Drift Compatible Podcast 5-21-21

After a week off, BC, Alex, and TMI are back with an incredibly wide ranging episode.

I mean, where else could you get discussions on red flag laws, SCOTUS decisions, abortion, proportionality, Israel vs. Gaza, meth cicadas, zombie fungus, and Russian nuclear meltdowns.

Enjoy! Wear headphones!

Drift Compatible Podcast: Saturday Edition

BC, Alex, and the Doctor are back a wee bit late and very tired.

So BC’s Far Too Good For Him Wife got kicked in the head with a headache so they decided to push recording back by 24 hours. Which was fine, except BC forgot he was supposed to play in the parent/kid soccer game at The Wild’s final practice of the season.


So a wee bit punch drunk this time around. More than normal, at least.

Then the recording software decided to be weird. Again, more than normal.

ANYWHO, enjoy! Wear headphones!