Drift Compatible Podcast 9-27-16

Still alive. Still NSFW.

After a long break due to tech issues and a surgery, Alex and I are back and expanding vocabularies once again.

We cover where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to, our friend Wiser’s excellent Culture War post, Cruz, the Debate, the awful/tragic losses in the sporting world, pleasure shaming, and some entertainment.

Hope you enjoy!

PS – Yes, the audio is a bit rough here and there. Mostly at the beginning. I know Alex has an echo. Blame Comcast. We do.


The Left Is Quietly Losing The Culture War

The Originals

Batman vs Superman (make sure to see the extended cut)

Designated Survivor

Drift Compatible Podcast – We’re Back!

It has been far far too long, but AlextheChick and I are back and talking about…whatever random crap we want.

We spend a good bit of time talking about where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to. We also take some time to discuss why we both do and don’t care about Colin Kaepernick. Brief laughing at Carlos Danger. Louisiana flooding and the folks there. And of course we finish with some books, video games, etc.

As always, we wander a lot within those topics. Because we can.

Books, Games, Etc.

Tom Clancy

The Witcher

No Man’s Sky

NES Classic Edition

God of War 4

Drift Compatible Podcast Episode….IDEFK

So Alex and I went reeeeeaaaaally long this time around. Partially because I’m drinking heavily and partially because we got REALLY yelly and had things to discuss.

I’m warning you right now, the language is pretty heavy even for us. Alex and I disagreed strongly on a topic and it resulted in lots of yelling at each other and adult language.

On the plus side, you folks get a glimpse at what off line arguments and conversation between Alex and I looks like.

We discussed a lot of stuff tonight including the terrorist attack in Orlando, gun control measure, the fecklessness of the GOP, the horrible tragedy of the boy attacked by a gator at Disney World, Star Trek’s reboot Chekov dying, the absurdity of college campuses, and much much more.

I will be completely honest, I wasn’t kidding when I said how much tequila I was into. So I don’t really remember which links on which topics I said I’d link to. I do remember the HeatStreet article about the college insanity. Yell at me in the comments and I will link the other stuff.

College Campus Insanity


Suicide Squad

Peaky Blinders

Independence Day: Resurgence

Star Wars: Darth Bane

Star Wars: Heir to the Empire

Drift Compatible Podcast 5-24-16

We’re back and recording and thank goodness for that.

We hit a lot of different headlines this time around. We talked about taking about AQ’s top leader via drone strike, Gen Votel’s trip to Syria, general insanity in the Middle East, arms embargoes in Vietnam, the insanity of the regulatory state, DOJ lawyers being out of control, further pushback against Civil Asset Forfeiture, and, of course, we wandered in and out of all sorts of topics.

We also have a very special guest early on.





The Brotherhood of the Wheel – RS Belcher

The Great Zoo of China – Matthew Reilly

Fragment – Warren Zahy

Drift Compatible Podcast

This week, AtC and I hit the time machine and go back to college. Our topics are the hysteria at UMASS, the idiocy at Mizzou, and the May Day fools in Seattle.

Of course, we wander around some too.

Hope you enjoy.




We didn’t do a huge segment here this week, and while we did discuss a couple things in passing, the main book discussed was:

Star Wars: Darth Bane


PS: Yes, I’m aware that our audio sucks even more than normal. It sounded fine while we were recording, so I didn’t discover the issue until it was far too late to do anything.



Drift Compatible Podcast

Back! And yelling! And cursing! (Seriously, we both drop F bombs in the first 100 seconds.)

We didn’t realize it until late in the episode, but apparently we had a theme this week: Power and F***ing.

We started with the various insanities currently ongoing on college campuses, then we moved to the latest Russian aggressions, and rounded out everything wonderfully with a discussion on Civil Asset Forfeiture.

I will warn folks, very late in the podcast, we derailed into a discussion on specific abuses of Constitutional power and a story about a woman detained by police. This woman was subjected, repeatedly, to invasive searches of her body. This discussion is, frankly, graphic at times and disturbing. You have been warned.




No specific listings this week. Go read pretty much anything by Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, or Tom Clancy.

Drift Compatible Podcast – SPECIAL EDITION

So we’re back and we’re discussing….everything but politics. That’s right, for the first time, the Drift Compatible Podcast is going No Politics.

We’ve got baseball, The Masters, movies, and video games.

Basically we decided that we wanted to spend an episode just talking about stuff that we find fun. Stuff that makes us happy. So here it is.

We’ll be back to our ragey selves next time.


The language is still, of course, NSFW.


Come on now, you didn’t think we were gonna make it three weeks in a row, now did you?

Because we’re not.

And I hope whoever gave me this awesome stomach bug, well, a thousand years in the belly of a Sarlacc should make us about even.

So there’s no Drift Compatible this week. But I do have something for you. A new show I’m involved in. The Contrarians. Every Sunday evening at 8pmEST will be a live show with me, Andrea Ruth, Kyle Foley, and Jordan Ecarma. Our first episode was last night.

Drift Compatible Podcast

Yup, two weeks in a row. Second biggest miracle to happen around this time of year.

So AtC and I spend most of this podcast discussing terrorism. Specifically we focus on the Easter attacks in Pakistan, the refusal of both countries in the EU and the our own US to call a spade a spade (or in this case, genocide), fatwas, the retaking of Palmyra BY THE RUSSIANS, and various and sundry other related topics.

Honestly, we get into all sorts of things this episode. Everything from yelling about how we abhor prosperity gospel to the primary to the personal nature of attacks on political supporters. This episode was pretty much a mishmash of whatever grabbed our attention.

What you do you want? It was late, we both had a long weekend, and so we were a little punch drunk. Basically you get to listen to what amounts to an hour and a half phone conversation between two friends talking about whatever comes up. HOW FORTUNATE FOR YOU!!!




This is the area where there was supposed to be a countdown to April 3, 2016 1:05pmEST, however, WordPress sucks and won’t allow me to embed the timer. That or I just can’t figure out how to do it. In which case, WordPress sucks and makes it too hard to do simple things. Either way, it’s WordPress’ fault.