Drift Comp Pod: It’s Thanksgiving and We’re Alive!!

After foooooorever and a day off, Alex, Doc, and BC are back at it. Less BC this time around as he’s recovering from a nasty bout of bronchitis, but the crew is up to their normal profanity talking about Biden’s attempted student debt cancellation, the LSAT (and standardized testing in general), and whatever other rabbit hole their brains bolt down.

Sorry it’s been so long. We’re making a renewed effort to record more often. Hope you enjoy!



One thought on “Drift Comp Pod: It’s Thanksgiving and We’re Alive!!

  1. The libertarian “Get the government out of marriage” argument is flawed. Whereas historically marriage meant a decently well defined set of rights and obligations, tossing that aside for contract law will result in chaos. Everything will have to be determined on a case-by-case basis of what the contract says. Parental rights will not be assumed. Property rights will not be assumed. Just imagine the fun of contracts with more than two people.
    It will all be by whatever documents the party can produce at the time. Heaven only knows the fun lawyers will have with this. If it is argued a standard contract can be created then aren’t we back to marriage? From a societal standpoint, this would further destroy what little foundation is left to marriage and a functioning society. No society exists without some basic agreements. Marriage is one of those things. You cannot run and hide by pulling the government out of it.

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