Drift Compatible Podcast: Post-Christmas

The crew is back for one final 2021 podcast. Alex, BC, and TMI discuss their Christmases, Omicronicon, Fauci, Playmate plane assaults, police officer lap dances, and whatever else comes up. Enjoy! Use headphones!

6 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast: Post-Christmas

  1. I hope that everyone in the entire world is blessed beyond all expectations and in ways they can’t even imagine. I further hope for all to have a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.

  2. BC should start marketing a new bumper sticker: JUST DON’T, Y’ALL!

    I’m sure someone has already started selling DON’T CALIFORNICATE MY FLORIDA ones.

  3. I’m 25% in the podcast (only listening in the car). On AtC’s observation on the weather, I had same inkling, “Such lovely spring weather. We’re going to get it later”. And just last night (Jan 2) we got snow in middle TN.

    Here;s some 2021 highlights I think others might also enjoy.
    One of the nicest surprises of 2021 was the emergence of “Law Tube” and Soused Andrew Branca on Rekieta’s late night stream (their live stream of ADA Binger’s interview goes of the rails spectacularly). And Ty Beard being generally rambunctious.Even Kurt Mueller (Uncivil Law) is downright tolerable.

    In October, I received a bunch of dogecoin which had me install Robinhood. It’s my favorite mobile game, now.

    Regardless as 2021 drew to a close, I managed 68 books (four of which were. based on B.C.’s recommendation, Terry Goodkind tomes who must have gotten paid by the word).

    I spent way too much time on the living room PC on account of the year end Steam sale, Grabbed Wasteland 3, Subnauttica Below Zero, Witcher series for me. Command and Conquer Remastered for boy #1, and Halo Infinite for boy #2.

    Finally after working “holidays” for my new position at Big Software Company’s cloud platform, I am really loving it.

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