Drift Compatible Pod: now YOU sit down and listen.

This week has a whole lot of Biden. Biden selling oil to Biden. Biden arguing with hookers about how much crack he has. Biden turning into Ron Burgundy. Biden being a potential security threat. Biden telling a group of hispanics they were like breakfast tacos.

We’ll let you guess on which Biden said what!

As always, use headphones. BC, Alex, and Doc hope you enjoy this slightly shorter episode.

4 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Pod: now YOU sit down and listen.

  1. The Bidens are the gift that keeps on giving — problem is, nobody wants what they’re offering.

    Also, psyched that y’all are recording more often!

  2. 20 years ago I was working at one of the “news” radio stations in Portland and even back then I could have told you that local news is dogshit. I agree that it has devolved precipitously since then.

    • PS No gracias yo quiero jalapenos, nada mas, you can toss away the hot sauce.

      (Always gonna shout out a Weird Al reference)

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