Drift Comp…Vodcast?

That’s right! Finally! We…have…VIDEO!

So Alex was out on vacation and TMI wasn’t sure if he would be able to come on due to guests. Enter Joe Cunningham. Joe is a Senior Editor at Redstate, cohost of his own podcast, Homestyle, an educator, and is breaking into local talk radio.

Join the guys as they talk Trevor Bauer, kinky sex, Britney Spears, WWE, and the Delta Variant. It’s a different one, for sure!


(Out of respect for the good Doc’s wishes, and the fact that people be crazy, his video is blurred out to protect his privacy.)

2 thoughts on “Drift Comp…Vodcast?

  1. I keep an eye on wrestling news so there’s a bit more on the WWE writer than you guys covered, and had incorrect. She wasn’t a big writer, she actually hadn’t even started working for them. And she won’t be. After that podcast she was fired before even starting. And it probably wasn’t for not knowing anything about wrestling because that sort of thing isn’t uncommon for their writers, and the part left out of her talking about it was that she’s going to be starting up her research of wrestling to get familiar with it. Kind of what you expect of a tv writer really when you think about it. We all wish they were uberfans of the stuff they’re working on but its really not going to be the case. I think the bigger problem for WWE was the fact of her appearing on the podcast at all before even starting the job, and the podcast’s main topic was “White Fragility.” Now I’m sure Cochran can kind of appreciate this right now starting a new job, you talk about getting to become a teacher but you’re not name dropping the specific school you’re working for on a larger podcast.

  2. The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Friends podcast where Joe interviewed the Riddler is titled “From Helsinki to Bourbon Street.” I have a 66.5MB MP3 from iTunes I can try to get to Joe.

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