Drift Compatible Podcast: The Return!

We. Are. Back.

BC, Alex, and TMI are back screeching, yelling, and cursing about the Rittenhouse verdict and the OMICRON VARIANT!!!! Sorry. The caps are required.

We missed y’all and we’re glad to be back and doing some yelling.

Enjoy! Wear headphones!

7 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast: The Return!

  1. Yay it’s back! Cochran you might be interested to know why Rittenhouse testified since you speculated that maybe he wanted to. According to the defense attorney’s press conference afterwards they did a mock jury, one without him testifying and one with him testifying and the one with him testifying is where the mock jury came back not guilty.

  2. Dammit! We were worried sick! Sick I tell ya. Watched the entire Rittenhouse on Rekieta Law on YT. Anyway, , , welcome back. I’ll get a listen in at some point and jaw at ya further.

  3. I’m now imagining Arch Boy as a sidekick to some 70s comic book hero that specializes in architecture.

    “Who drew all these arches on my blueprints?!”
    “Arch Boy! Stop stabbing villains with my good compass!”
    “Arch Boy! Where did you put my buttress?!”

  4. In honor of Mr. Cochrane’s new profession: Several years ago, I volunteered to help teach computer science in a local high school. As part of the training for that, the trainer played us “Miracle Worker” by Taylor Mali. He’s an awesome poet, and apparently a pretty good teacher, so I thought I’d share. First, a different poem about being a teacher.

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