Drift Compatible Podcast: (Insert Pithy Title)

Back and profane right out of the gate, Alex and Brent discuss a wiiiiiiide range of topics including Trump’s foreign policy success, Biden’s continued gaffes, a funny ad out of New York, various gaming topics, the new Dune trailer, and whatever the hell else popped into their heads.


Wear headphones!

Drift Compatible Podcast: Teh Stupid

After taking some time off for travel and other things, Alex and Brent are back tonight with…teh stupid.

Teh Stupid involves Nancy Pelosi, Jacob Blake, FAFO (Fuck Around and Find Out), Flynn/Sullivan, and all sorts of other nonsense that we deflect to because we don’t want to yell about the actual idiocy.

Also, go listen to the interview with Moe Lane and then go buy his book, Frozen Dreams.

Enjoy! Wear headphones!

Drift Compatible Podcast: Politics is Stupid, Music is Awesome

We kept making plans to record, God kept laughing. But we’re finally back with a new episode.

We talk the stupid stuff like Biden and the post office and the DNC Convention. And then we get into the fun stuff. We spend a decent amount of time talking about music and what it means to us and what we like about it and even how it fits into our religious beliefs.


Drift Compatible Podcast: Nuns

After illness and home repairs, Alex and Brent are back this week. Topics include SCOTUS decisions, different life experiences, our favorite author, Warrior Nun, and whatever else pops into our stream of consciousness.

As always, wear headphones.

Oh. You will hear on a couple of occasions where the sound drops out and comes back very quickly. That’s because The Far Too Good For Me Wife’s actual name was used.




Drift Compatible Podcast: Alex is Back!

After a week off, AlextheChick is back. Alex and Brent are extra sweary in discussing Bostock and the police shooting in Atlanta. And because they were already swearing a whole lot, might as well discuss unions and the APA.

Round the whole thing out with a decently long discussion on the current gaming stuff.