Drift Compatible Podcast: 4-29-21

Alex and BC are back and TMI3rd is along for the ride.

This week their streams of consciousness includes pathological political lying, absurd Warp Speed claims, racism, cigarettes, Tim Scott, a couple video games, a horribly excellent movie, and a youtube stream.

Yeah. All that.

Enjoy! Wear headphones!

Drift Compatible Podcast: The Doctor Returns

BC, Alex, and TMI had a blast, FOR OVER TWO HOURS, discussing rulings from SCOTUS, insane patent law, Russian bounties, Dan Rather, COVID vaccines, specifically J&J, and finally patent/copyright stupidity. That last one somehow quickly devolved into a discussion on sex and proclivities and feminism and yeah ok. The las 20 minutes or so are the show in a microcosm.

But enjoy! Wear headphones!

Drift Compatible Podcast 4-2-21

BC and Alex are back! BC had to take a couple weeks off to get over a bug, but they’re back and talking about the Bidens’ animal idiocy, Johnson and Johnson covering themselves in vaccine glory, BASEBALL, and they end the show going all fanboi over Brandon Sanderson. Again.


Wear headphones!

Drift Compatible Podcast: The Privilege

After a week off, BC and Alex are back this week with commentary wandering near and far. The spend a good deal of time discussing privilege. What it is, what it isn’t, and what they think of both. From there they move into President Forget Your Name’s speech and finish with Alex’s new favorite sci-fi tv show and some brief gaming.

Enjoy! Wear headphones!

Drift Compatible Podcast: The Return!

She’s back! Alex returns this week to yell about all the things. She and BC anal swabbing, Hunter Biden, once again bombing the Middle East, a college racist hoax, Gina Carano, and, Lord help us all, someone specifically asked Alex about a video game.

Actual warning, the last half hour is solid gaming stuff. It’s overwhelming about Cyberpunk and Valheim.

Enjoy! Wear headphones!

Drift Compatible Podcast 2-18-21

The weather got Alex this week, she lost power this afternoon and it didn’t come back until late in the evening, so BC and TMI3rd are back with their own unique brand of yelling and cursing.

This week they discuss the weather, energy supplies, Ted Cruz and Cancun, Rush Limbaugh as a person, a personality, and an influencer, and the general state of media consumption today and where it’s headed.

Enjoy! Wear headphones!

Drift Compatible Podcast: TMI!

A guest! But not just any guest, Brent and Alex are joined by their good friend, and ridiculous overachiever, tmi3rd.

Technically, it was supposed to be a podcast about politics, but it was way more fun to just talk about whatever came up. Enjoy listening to everything from politics to medicine to religion to castrating hippos.

Wear headphones!