Drift Compatible Podcast 7-31-21

New pod starts out like an old school pod! You get a solid 45 minutes or so at the beginning of just Alex and BC doing their thing talking about Simone Biles and her decision to withdraw from the Olympics. Have no fear! The Doc is able to join in at that point and we roll into the weekly stupidity regarding Teh Covid.

The profanity, for us, is fairly minor this week! However, there’s still profanity. Wear your headphones.


One thought on “Drift Compatible Podcast 7-31-21

  1. Just a question for Cochran to maybe look into if possible. My boss says his brother is a doctor in Jacksonville at a hospital that is also connected with another hospital in Georgia. He claimed that they’re at a higher level of ICU admittance for COVID now than even at the high point previously. Any truth to that at all in the Jacksonville area?

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