Drift Compatible Podcast: SCOTUS Special Edition

Welcome back….or welcome!

So a couple things….if you’re new here….this is a podcast where adults (Brent, Alex, and Doc) discuss adult topics using adult language and severe sarcasm, humor, and inappropriateness. If this bothers/offends you, that’s fine, but know that this isn’t the podcast for you. If you’re fine with that, we still highly recommend headphones.

Still with us? Alright then. Know that in this podcast we discuss the recent slate of Supreme Court decisions. Two of us are law school graduates and one is an MD. We have some specific knowledge that assists in the processing of the SCOTUS decisions. We mix factual statements with opinion. We try to be very obvious about which is which. Anything and everything we say is ours unless we give specific attribution. NOTHING we saw should be associated with friends, families, employers, organizations, or literally anyone other than the three of us.

If you’re still with us, we hope you enjoy the listen and you learn something.

Drift Compatible Podcast: Summer Marathon

Welcome back! It’s summer which means BC has time and mental capacity, as much as he ever has, to record new episodes! And boy is this one something. Hang on. It’s long. It’s profane. It says things that will likely get your hosts put on yet another list.

Still with us?


Then plug in your headphones, because we are most assuredly not safe for public consumption, and buckle up for close to three hours of your friends talking about what’s going on in the world.