Drift Compatible Podcast: Saturday Edition

BC, Alex, and the Doctor are back a wee bit late and very tired.

So BC’s Far Too Good For Him Wife got kicked in the head with a headache so they decided to push recording back by 24 hours. Which was fine, except BC forgot he was supposed to play in the parent/kid soccer game at The Wild’s final practice of the season.


So a wee bit punch drunk this time around. More than normal, at least.

Then the recording software decided to be weird. Again, more than normal.

ANYWHO, enjoy! Wear headphones!

One thought on “Drift Compatible Podcast: Saturday Edition

  1. Listening to the podcast and chicken wings were brought up. I remember hearing about this last year on the other end: there being an oversupply of chicken wings. Basically, the demand for chicken wings mostly comes from restaurants and sports arenas, not from home groceries, which meant that it got hit extra hard by the Wuhan cold restrictions. I’m guessing that the market reacted, and so fewer chicken wings were being produced (and much of what chicken wings were being produced were being routed elsewhere) when things started to open up.

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