Drift Compatible Podcast: 4-29-21

Alex and BC are back and TMI3rd is along for the ride.

This week their streams of consciousness includes pathological political lying, absurd Warp Speed claims, racism, cigarettes, Tim Scott, a couple video games, a horribly excellent movie, and a youtube stream.

Yeah. All that.

Enjoy! Wear headphones!

One thought on “Drift Compatible Podcast: 4-29-21

  1. Played H:ZD on PC. Loved it, and was wondering if Alex tried it there and if she has opinions, because some of the podcasts I listen to have talked about how much better combat seems to be with mouse and keyboard vs controller. My tip for BC is simple though, exploit the electric, fire and ice weaknesses and target components especially if they will cause those explosions, and the ropecaster is your friend. First playthrough I remember not wanting to try some robots because of my level, and definitely steering way clear of the first thunderjaw and later taking them down like nothing. Now the only one that gives me fits is the Scorchers in the expansion. When H:ZD2 comes out that will be interesting to see its popularity. Alloy has the same voice actress as Parvati in The Outer Worlds and just smitten by the voice. For Alex was wondering if she checked out the time sink that is Loop Hero yet?

    And for you both check out this very very short youtube clip. https://youtu.be/I4P2N5fyqbo

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