Drift Compatible Podcast 10-9-18

Back again!

Alex and I discuss baseball, the response to Kavanaugh’s confirmation, the personality flip of Lindsey Graham, Bloomberg’s fellating of Bob O’Rourke, and many other varied and wonderful things.

Alex gives us a couple of recommendations on entertainment. The first being Kurt Schlichter’s new book, Militant Normals. The other being the tv show The Good Place.

Hope you enjoy this week’s episode. Like share subscribe and all that other stuff. Hell, recommend it someone even. But as always, WEAR HEADPHONES.

Drift Compatible Podcast – Special Edition!

Eh. It’s “Special Edition!” because it’s coming to you a day late. You’ll hear about why when you listen.

So Kegstand Kavanaugh is once again dominating the news cycle and, therefore, the podcast. We also discuss some baseball to start with. We get into some loosely affiliated topics surrounding Kavanaugh like generational wars, nerds vs jocks, the intersection of comedy and political correctness. Of course we wander. But not all who wander are lost.

Hope you enjoy it and we’ll see you next week.


Drift Compatible Podcast 9-18-18


After a lengthy absence, which we discuss, we’re back to swearing….I mean podcasting….again. And boy did we do a lot of both. HEADPHONES ARE A MUST.

The main topic for the evening was Kavanaugh. We discussed the original hearings, but you’ll be unsurprised to discover that we spent a lot of time on the allegation that’s been leveled here recently.

We also get into Trump’s declassification of documents and texts related to the Carter Page warrant, baseball, books, tv shows, and video games. And, of course, we wander hither and yon as is normal.

It’s been a while. A long while. But we’re both happy to be back and venting and cursing and generally opining on current events.

Hope you enjoy this episode and we’ll see you again next week.

Drift Compatible 6-4-18

On time and ready to roll. We’re in a celebratory mood tonight after the SCOTUS decisions that came down today.

We spend most of our time discussing the four main decisions that came out this morning. We also spend some time marveling at the insanity of the Melania Trump conspiracy theorists.

We wander near and far. As always, HEADPHONES ARE NOT OPTIONAL.



Drift Compatible 5-30-18

A day late and a weeeeee bit drunk, but hey we’re here! Weekend project was to create an isolation box for my mic, so we’ll see how that sounds.

On to the good stuff. We hit a range of stuff including the controversy around the firing of Roseanne, the literal actual stacks of cash involved in the resignation of Missouri Governor Greitens, the most recent Supreme Court decisions, OMGTHECHILDRENZZZZ at the border, the latest in gaming news, and our recommendations on podcasts. And you just know we wander far afield of even that diversified set of topics.

Because I said I would, and I forgot last week, here’s the link to the NRO article I promised: The Real Origination Story of the Trump-Russia Investigation by Andrew C. McCarthy.

As always, the podcast is super NSFW or children or your mother in law or your mother or really anyone that’s going to be offended by ranting and profanity.

But beyond that…..FEEL FREE TO SHARE!

Put on your headphones and enjoy.


Drift Compatible Episode 5-23-18

Hey folks, late post due to all the crap that’s explained in the first couple minutes.

This week, Alex and I talk about Trump. Trump and Russia. Trump and Tweets. Trump and MS-13. We were fairly Trump centric.

We touched on the shooting in Santa Fe and a related topic that is important to Alex and I. Important enough that we’re gonna kick it down the road just a bit until we can devote the proper amount of time to it.

A listener asked about books on law/legal theory for folks who have NOT been through law school. So we complied with a list of recommendations. Here you go:

Lloyd’s Introduction to Jurisprudence

Drift Compatible Episode 5-15-18

Two weeks in a row!

This week covers a decent bit of legal stuff. And some just plain bizarre stuff. Like Stormy Daniels’ lawyer’s conspiracy weirdness. And the fact that he’s likely to be disbarred soon over MASSIVE tax evasion.

We spend a good chunk of the pod going through several of the SCOTUS cases handed down today that deal with states rights, 4th amendment privacy and seizure rights, 6th amendment (of all things) and how it applies to the relationship between counsel and client, and wiretapping. We also get into the absolute hit job that was successfully executed via the legal system on Missouri Gov Greitens.




1) The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics by Salena Zito and Brad Todd

2) Surviving Mars

3) Wolf 359 (That link takes you to their website where each episode is embedded. Stitcher is much easier, imo.)

4) James “Mad Dog” Mattis does his thing. (Link should take you straight to video.)

Link: https://ricochet.com/517846/defending-nation-secretary-defense-james-mattis/

Drift Compatible 5-7-18

So after a week off due to crappy internet on my part, we’re back and rolling this week. And ohhhhh all the stupid people.

We talk about John “Logan Act” Kerry, Bob Mueller, the breaking news regarding NY AG Eric Schneiderman, the Alphabet/gay rights insanity (yup, Alex went there), David French’s post at NRO about Trump and Evangelicals, and of course we wander about as always.

Go. Listen. Recommend. Wear headphones.


Drift Compatible Podcast 4-24-18

It’s late. Don’t expect much from this post. The podcast, however, is our usual excellence.

WeirdDave had a couple questions regarding attorney/client privilege and Cons being shut out of social media that we tackled.

We talked “Forest Bathing”.

I went on a, PROFANITY WARNING, tirade about Hillary.

And of course, GOD OF WAR.

Go forth. Tell your friends. Use headphones.