Drift Compatible Podcast: In A Mood

Alex and Brent are back with a discussion on the IRS, the Veep Debate, Trump’s upcoming victory/defeat, Mike Pence critics can’t Republic, and books.

There are, of course, various other topics that come up.

Enjoy! Wear headphones!

11 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast: In A Mood

  1. Filed my taxes April 14. Just checked the IRS/refund site. “Your Tax Return is still being processed, a refund date will be supplied later.” Today’s date is 10/9/2020. And yes, they did pay me $50.00 in interest last year, and I had to pay taxes on that last year.

  2. I’m listening to the podcast, and I just heard Alex talking about presidential succession, and she muddled the details. The unamended Constitution contained a provision that the presidential succession past the Vice President should be determined by statute, and Congress had passed a Presidential Succession Act by 1792, so having somebody to take over in the event of both the President and Vice President dying had been a long resolved issue by that point. The issue in the 1920 election was that the Constitution didn’t contain a provision that described how to determine Presidential disability, and President Wilson had had a stroke in October 1919 that left him bedridden for months. Vice President Marshall was very much alive, but refused to claim that Wilson was unable to discharge his office. This was what the Twenty-Fifth Amendment was supposed to fix.

  3. I don’t re-read 1984 for the same reason I don’t re-watch Idiocracy- both are depressingly realistic.

    Also, “I’m horny, but I’m not stupid.” I’m sorry, WHAT?!

  4. So Cochran I have a request, can you look into remixing your audio levels? I notice you are usually a bit louder than Alex, and compared to most other podcasts I listen to I need to turn up your audio a lot especially when I Bluetooth connect in my car. Maybe something to check? I do listen to The New Days podcast so maybe that is one you know about you can compare audio levels to to see if you are similar or quite different?

    • Thirded. I understand dampening Alex’s volume in anticipation of sudden bursts of brain-melting high-pitched coprolalia, but the disparity in audio levels was inconvenient.

      • Foutheded.

        Quality noise isolating in ear monitors at max volume don’t help much.

        I must always be mindful to adjust volume when continuing with other content.

  5. I thought I’d have more time to finish listening to this one before the next one. Dang it. For once, now I’m behind. You’ve trained us well.

    You knew, the premise of “Fantastic Land” reminded me a little of Larry Niven’s (he being of “Ringworld” fame) classic short story “Cloak of Anarchy”

    Books: really, the only thing I’ve enjoyed this year is CW Lemoine (Mover). He had a special in April (four books for $1) ended up buying reading, I think 12, of them. Scratches to itch left by Vince Flynn’s passing.

    Yeah yeah, I know I said I had “Sword of Truth” queued up, however, picked up “The Martian” on a whim. I like a book where science is plausible and geeks/nerds are presented mostly accurately (a few of my classmates on the team that did the software rework for Hubble back in the day). Now I’m getting on with Goodkind. Swearsies.

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