Drift Compatible Podcast: #HateHashtags

Brent and Alex are back this week and spend most of their time talking about anything other than the debate. Including, but not limited to, baseball, a brief jump back to last episode’s discussion on precedence, law school, stupid courtroom stories, Microsoft, Bethesda, gaming, and Alex sent Brent into a fury of spittle and profanity on a subject THAT WILL NOT BE MENTIONED.

And yes, the debate is covered as well.

Enjoy! Use headphones!


5 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast: #HateHashtags

  1. Ah, the Topic Which Shall Not Be Mentioned! It’s the only time my high school catechism got truly heated, mostly because one girl though it was a good idea to bring it up every other month and we got sick of it. Don’t worry, I will not request a podcast on that subject. đŸ˜‰

  2. So, on the gaming stuff you did get a couple things wrong. Horizon Zero Dawn only released on PC this August, with a bit of cluster in the game being poorly optimized. So its been about 3 and a half years for that release from its original. I think part of that is because its the same engine as Death Stranding and that released on PC first and they kind of figured that it was working so let’s try H:ZD as well.

    Second Zenimax/Bethesda don’t own Arkham. They own Arcane studios, so the Dishonored series, not Batman. Batman/Arkham is Rocksteady and Warner Bros.

    They great news for Fall Out fans is that maybe Microsoft will make them do a rerelease of Fall Out 3. And with Bethesda and Obsidian now under Microsoft the major barrier to more Fall Out: New Vegas is removed.

  3. Don’t look at me, I’m an Arminianist, well, Third Wave / Holiness movement type. So, really its all the same to me.

    I’m sure eventually the Xbox system itself will be part of the subscription.

    Oh, DragTheInterstate happened over the weekend (my birthday, tra la la lee). I came down with a case of Covfefe-20

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