Drift Compatible Podcast: ALL The Profanity

Alex and Brent are back and so is the profanity. Boy is it back. With style. And flair. Alex and Brent discuss RBG, the Supreme Court, rule of law, no knock raids, Breonna Taylor, Don Lemon being so stupid he made Fredo the intelligent voice of reason, new tv shows, and what games we’re playing.

Enjoy! Use multiple sets of headphones!

6 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast: ALL The Profanity

  1. The wanton endangerment charge is for shooting into the next apartment where 3 people were present. It has nothing to do whit Taylor’s death.

  2. Opps , should have finished the podcast before commenting. Brent got it right. Always enjoy Brent and Alex’s insight on topics.

    • I was about to comment likewise, as well, but I was 5K from home at the time, so, I had no choice but to hear the rest.

      Robert Barnes has opined that if the police had kept to the “no-knock” Taylor might still be alive. I’m not going to argue with Robert Barnes, well, not where he can see,

  3. Love what you two do for us.

    Non-lawyer, but I don’t understand why the plain language of the Constitution is not precedent …. or am I misunderstanding your point?

  4. Lots to react to this time:

    As an aside, YT’s Officer Tatum had the skinny on the warrant and Breonna Taylor for months.

    When AtC was going over the plot details for “Raised By Wolves”, I thought it sounded as it shares some points with the film “I Am Mother”, which itself shares some of the “when it comes down to it, AI is still just that: artificial” message from “Ex Machina”. As far as sci-fi goes, The Expanse has yet to break my heart. And The Boys I’d thought I’d hate, but I don’t

    Concur with general consensus of Umbrella Academy, although season 2 was, well, too much Ellen Page playing Ellen Page. Completely and totally saved, however, by Robert Sheehan and Aidan Gallagher. And Kate Walsh? Stellar (even if she is decidedly less ginger).

    I just started “Sword of Truth” after Kindle thought I might like it. It’s nice to get a full-throated second endorsement.

    After Wasteland 3, the next one to get excited for is Subnautica: Below Zero. I’m not sold on Cyberpunk 2077. After that? Lets see is Starfield can break the curse for Bethesda.

    For next time: Legal YouTube has been all swoony over William William Stickman IV, still. I forget if youse guys covered that. I guess a minute or two on ACB nomination (worst kept secret ever) is in order?

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