Drift Compatible Podcast: (Insert Pithy Title)

Back and profane right out of the gate, Alex and Brent discuss a wiiiiiiide range of topics including Trump’s foreign policy success, Biden’s continued gaffes, a funny ad out of New York, various gaming topics, the new Dune trailer, and whatever the hell else popped into their heads.


Wear headphones!

7 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast: (Insert Pithy Title)

  1. I love love love your podcast! However this episode and the last had audio issues when downloaded, had to listen streaming here. Keep up the good work. I appreciate you both!

  2. Thanks folks for all you do

    I’m surprised that people are surprised that Donald Trump, who has decades of international business experience, can work internationally

  3. “We’re a real country, DAD!”

    Wish I’d thought of that line when I had a Canadian roommate in college. Of course, she was one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known, so she would have just blushed and changed the subject. It’s probably a good thing that Alex came up with it, not me.

  4. Finally finished the podacst a short 10k hike yesterday.

    No, as nice as the Dune trailer looks, the fact that Liet Kynes is a black woman, they’ve changed “jihad” into “crusade”. . . This could be a no better adaption than Starship Troopers was.

    The main problem with Dune saga is great setting but weak characters and stories. In some ways Foundation does the same thing, but in reverse– great characters, cliched setting,

  5. So I finally got a chance to listen to this one. We had a slow morning, so they let me go a bit early. The astronaut guy? SHEESH. I have my skill set, of course, but when I look at him, I feel quite small by comparison.

    There’s an ENT resident that I work with who was an F-15 jock before coming to medical school. He’s also probably headed to the astronaut corps when he gets done with residency. This keeps my ego very closely in check.

    Love ya both! Be safe.

  6. Nitpicky, but it was “Marketplace of Ideas”, not “Arena”. Which is actually more apt…I’m picturing Kirk and the Gorn grunting and sweating over “trickle down” or “the end of History”.

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