Drift Compatible Podcast: Teh Stupid

After taking some time off for travel and other things, Alex and Brent are back tonight with…teh stupid.

Teh Stupid involves Nancy Pelosi, Jacob Blake, FAFO (Fuck Around and Find Out), Flynn/Sullivan, and all sorts of other nonsense that we deflect to because we don’t want to yell about the actual idiocy.

Also, go listen to the interview with Moe Lane and then go buy his book, Frozen Dreams.

Enjoy! Wear headphones!

2 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast: Teh Stupid

  1. Was listening to the podcast and I heard Alex say that Marion Berry got elected to city council after his drug conviction with the implication that he didn’t get elected as mayor. This is only kinda true. He was arrested and convicted in 1990, finished his third term as mayor and went to prison in 1991, left prison and was elected as the Ward 8 councilcritter in 1992, then was re-elected to a fourth term as mayor in 1994. That term saw most of the DC mayor’s power stripped and given to the DC Financial Control Board as the city was pretty much put into receivership by the Republican Congress. Berry stepped down at the end of that term and left public life for a few years before being re-elected to the Ward 8 seat on the council in 2004, which he held until he died.

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