Podcast 3-20-19

Back after a week off due to life.

A virtual plethora of topics, planned and unplanned, for your listening pleasure.

Proof that I do, in fact, occasionally make notes…..

Show Notes:

  1. SCOTUS upholds immigration detainment
  2. Bulwark full Dem
  3. Twitter shadow banning/deleting
  4. Defense of Life – Reputation vs Physical
  5. Potential Dem Debate – Booker hits O’Rourke for privilege vis a vis Drunk Driving
  6. McCain/Trump
  7. Shooty McFuckhead in New Zealand


  1. Division 2
  2. Fighting With My Family
  3. Avengers: Endgame



2 thoughts on “Podcast 3-20-19

  1. Living in NW Iowa, MLB.tv has blacked me out from: KC Royals (5 hours away), Minnesota Twins (5 hours), Milwaukee Brewers (8 hours), Chicago Cubs and White Sox (8 hours), and St. Louis Cardinals (9 hours). And yet, you live five hours from the Braves and don’t get blacked out from them? Ridiculous!

    • Create a VPN so that MLB thinks your IP address is in, say, the UK and you can watch whatever whenever. Something like groundedreason.com can show you the way.

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