Podcast 3-27-19

That’s right, back again.

Tonight was easier than a coed on homecoming. Lots of fun stuff to talk about. We also talked some baseball, video games, and a couple different podcasts I’m listening to.

Show notes below:

  • Settling Family Business

1) No collusion

2) No obstruction

3) US: Israel owns Golan Heights

4) Israel bombs Hamas

5) Avenatti charged by 2 US Attys

6) Obamacare takes another hit

7) DOD money for border wall

  • Smollet 


Hope you enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Podcast 3-27-19

  1. ‘Grifter’ started with people noting Michelle Obama’s six figure health care admin position that was eliminated once they didn’t need it as an excuse to funnel her money.

    Treason is the wrong word for the deep state coup as we are not in a declared war with anyone at the moment (arguably it may apply to anyone giving aid and comfort to Al Qaeda like Obama’s material aid to them in Syria). I think ‘sedition’ is a better term for what the deep state is up to regarding its unwillingness to recognize that we the people are the ultimate authority in America..

  2. Well, it wasn’t just that Bush had been “selected, not elected” that the Left was screeching about in 2004, there were shrieks of “DIIIIIEEEBOOOOOOLLLD!” And who could forget the “fake but accurate” 60 Minutes documents, which supposedly PROVED Bush wasn’t fit to be CinC.

    Michelle Malkin was right (as usual) that the Left became “Unhinged” after 2000.

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