Drift Compatible Podcast 3-7-19

Slightly under the weather with whatever crud the Far Too Good For Me Wife brought home from the petri dish she works in. But still, we persist.


Nothing overly yelly or angry, but still some interesting and fun stuff.

AOC, and this is stunning coming from a socialist, doesn’t really think financial rules apply to her.

Her running buddy, Ihlan Omar seems to think that it’s perfectly fine to sling actual slurs and antisemitic crap at Jews.

Trump continues to be #OrangeManBad and Alex and I briefly discuss issues at the border.

We also discuss the war in Afghanistan and Iraq and the Middle East etc etc. Mostly on how different certain segments of the population view what’s happening.

We take a brief dive in to a couple dry, but important to the industry, SCOTUS decisions and also what we think might be coming up the pike.

You know we’re all over the place, so we’ll hit other stuff as well.

As for pookysgirl, I’ll take mercy. Here’s the link to the outro last week: https://youtu.be/PJjZM5zFGuA



And now on to the real show. Hope you enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast 3-7-19

  1. Okay, follow the bouncing ball, I’m going to do this once: “duck and cover” was not about fallout or some sort of magical wish-hoping of surviving a nuclear blast. There is an area at the center of a nuclear blast where everything is vaporized. There is a MUCH larger area that will receive a very powerful blast wave. When the blast wave hits windows, it will produce a very ugly wall of glass pieces that will fork you up, but good (ask the Russians injured by the blast wave from the meteor that struck in 2013). Duck-and-cover is designed to protect you from the blast wave flying glass. (Side note: shame on Brad Bird, who ought to know better, for mocking duck-and-cover in Iron Giant.). Got it? Good.

  2. Who was the donor who underwrote the HPV/cancer thing? Also, for your “Greeks aren’t white” file, there was a turn of the (20th) Century farming manual that in its chapter on Farm Labor talks about how “Negroes” and Hungarians were equally socially unacceptable….

  3. Thanks for the video, Brent! WWE has definitely gotten classier!

    Question: Wouldn’t Occasional-Cortex have been directly affected by the 9/11 terror attacks? Yes, she would have been almost 12, but you’d think she would remember the near-primal reaction of her fellow New Yorkers. Perhaps she even knew people that joined the military immediately afterwards. If she’s that blase about a world-shattering event that happened almost literally in her backyard, then I doubt she’ll care about the impact of any of her ideas.

    You BOTH did a great job on this podcast!

  4. Direct link to audio for download purposes:
    [audio src="https://marginallyhonorablechairman.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/podcast-3-7-19.m4a" /]

  5. Cochran, I know you contribute too! Thank you for being Abbott to Alex’s Costello!

    Alex, of course Italians were considered filthy swarthy Others, but legally they were white. My dad served in the Army when it was still segregated and he married WASP goddesses twice. He suffered prejudice occasionally in the workforce because people are clannish assholes; that’s not institutionalized discrimination.

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