Drift Compatible Episode 2-27-19

Gone for a minute, and we tell you why, but back with a vengeance. We cover close to a dozen specific topics (and who knows how many we wandered into) within our normal time frame.

SHOW NOTES (I’m not taking the time to retype this in English, you’ll have to translate):

1) Title X enforced no federal funds PP

2) SCOTUS 9-0 on Timbs. Excessive fines applies to states via 14th Due Process. Better via Privileges/Immunities?

3) NC courts invalidating voter ballot decisions

4) Illinois raiding private retirement accounts to fund public pensions

5) Born Alive Act

6)  Smollet

7) Trump pushing to decriminalize homosexuality worldwide makes him racist against Muslims 

8) AOC demolishing Dem party

9) Trump Declaration of Emergency on the Wall

10) Paki/India

11) MAGA assaulter deported


Hope you enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Episode 2-27-19

  1. Sounds like you guys have adopted my family’s motto: “When in doubt, vote ’em out!”

    That was a Lindsey Sterling outtro, wasn’t it?

  2. I’m at the part where Alex is rumor mongering the theory of why Trump has become so pro-life. I know Roger Stone has floated that same theory. And remember in one of the debates Trump did basically give that as his reason but it was a couple he knew and that kid is now a “rock star” as Trump said.

  3. Alex, great podcast as usual, but…please explain how Mediterranean Europeans are not considered white. I’m practically incandescent!

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