Drift Compatible Podcast 10-9-18

Back again!

Alex and I discuss baseball, the response to Kavanaugh’s confirmation, the personality flip of Lindsey Graham, Bloomberg’s fellating of Bob O’Rourke, and many other varied and wonderful things.

Alex gives us a couple of recommendations on entertainment. The first being Kurt Schlichter’s new book, Militant Normals. The other being the tv show The Good Place.

Hope you enjoy this week’s episode. Like share subscribe and all that other stuff. Hell, recommend it someone even. But as always, WEAR HEADPHONES.

3 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast 10-9-18

  1. Direct link to audio unwrapped from player:
    [audio src="https://marginallyhonorablechairman.files.wordpress.com/2018/10/podcast-10-9-18.m4a" /]

  2. Robert O’Rourke looks like John Kerry to me. Maybe it’s the Irish blood or something.

    That closing song reminds me of a conversation with Pooky’s therapist:
    “Please don’t do what the voices tell you to do.”

    “But what if they have good ideas?”

    “Given your history, they won’t.”

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