Drift Compatible Podcast 10-15-18

Back and on time!

We, sadly, were not able to sink up schedules with our prospective guest, but we will keep plugging away at it.

So you get your normal dose of profanity from Alex and Brent.

We discuss Elizabeth Warren, a bit on race, the newest migrant caravan, the idea of a nation state, and a look back at the incredible and insane Days of Rage/political violence of the 70s.

We also briefly hit video games, especially Red Dead Redemption 2.

Hope you enjoy!


UPDATED: Here’s the link I promised and then promptly forgot. Thanks to SouthCentralPa for the reminder.


6 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast 10-15-18

  1. link…? Not to seem churlish, but you mention posting a link to an article you’re discussing around 1:09 in that I’m just not seeing.

  2. *ahem* It’s “sync,” not “sink.” Unless you are, in fact, keeping the podcast schedule in the sink. Which might explain your technical difficulties!

  3. I could be convinced about asylum for the border town run out by drug cartels *if* we also proceed to carpet bomb the town they came from, so the people that caused the problem can’t do it again.

    • Cross-border raids. Mexico has always been training wheels for the U.S. Army before a major conflict, and China looks to be getting froggy in the next few decades…

  4. On a lighter note, to counter EA’s attitude about single player games, Square-Enix is apparently seriously considering releasing solo offline console versions of Dragon Quest X and Final Fantasy XI

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