Drift Compatible Podcast – Special Edition!

Eh. It’s “Special Edition!” because it’s coming to you a day late. You’ll hear about why when you listen.

So Kegstand Kavanaugh is once again dominating the news cycle and, therefore, the podcast. We also discuss some baseball to start with. We get into some loosely affiliated topics surrounding Kavanaugh like generational wars, nerds vs jocks, the intersection of comedy and political correctness. Of course we wander. But not all who wander are lost.

Hope you enjoy it and we’ll see you next week.


5 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast – Special Edition!

  1. Get well soon, BC! Hope you’re caught up on all your soap operas-er, “stories.” I’d taunt you about the Dodgers stomping all over the Braves, but you’re sick, so it seems mean. I’ll let Alex handle the cruelty.

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