Drift Compatible Podcast 9-18-18


After a lengthy absence, which we discuss, we’re back to swearing….I mean podcasting….again. And boy did we do a lot of both. HEADPHONES ARE A MUST.

The main topic for the evening was Kavanaugh. We discussed the original hearings, but you’ll be unsurprised to discover that we spent a lot of time on the allegation that’s been leveled here recently.

We also get into Trump’s declassification of documents and texts related to the Carter Page warrant, baseball, books, tv shows, and video games. And, of course, we wander hither and yon as is normal.

It’s been a while. A long while. But we’re both happy to be back and venting and cursing and generally opining on current events.

Hope you enjoy this episode and we’ll see you again next week.

6 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast 9-18-18

  1. Really THRILLED to see you kids back on the block! Looking forward to listening to the podcast, but until I get the opportunity, please let us know (without personal details, of course) how Brent is doing. Up OR down, sending good lucks to you both from across the wide miles.

  2. Brent, a reminder of Wizard’s First Rule: PEOPLE ARE STUPID.

    The Destiny 2 PvP setup sounds a lot like World vs World in Guild Wars 2. Servers battle each other and the elements in a separate arena, defending keeps and forts while stockpiling resources to strengthen their position. I am not a hardcore PvPer but I’ve had fun and learned a lot about tactics when I’ve ventured into WvW. Also, firing ballistas is fun.

  3. I’m curious if Brent’s friend is ELCA? I joined an LCMS church last year and we do closed communion. We sat in the pew during communion for months until we were able to go through catechism class. No strange looks were given. The pastor would have talked to us if we’d tried to receive communion.

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