Drift Compatible Podcast: Politics is Stupid, Music is Awesome

We kept making plans to record, God kept laughing. But we’re finally back with a new episode.

We talk the stupid stuff like Biden and the post office and the DNC Convention. And then we get into the fun stuff. We spend a decent amount of time talking about music and what it means to us and what we like about it and even how it fits into our religious beliefs.


4 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast: Politics is Stupid, Music is Awesome

  1. I’d heard of The Hu because of that documentary that I saw where the American singer got heavy into throat singing and went to Mongolia to experience it and participate in it.

    What was that pop group that Alex talked about a couple of times?

  2. “there’s no rock” but then with the qualifier that they be “popular”. Heh. I’ve also heard of Halestorm. Not my thing. More of a 50% Red, Lacey Sturm, Falling Up and 50% Cool Jazz, Bossa Nova

    Ok, not precisely my niche (mainstream rock), but I immediately started thinking of 7venth Time Down and Mercy Me as more straight up rock n roll acts (Yeah, Mercy Me is a rock act despite their adult contemporary success).

    My middle kid has been on a flurry of music discovery starting with “The Score” and including Imagine Dragons, Needtobreathe, For King and Country, Carrolton, Sam Timnez, David Crowder, etc. I’m so happy.

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