Drift Compatible Podcast: Thanos Didn’t Go Far Enough

Brent and Alex are back with all the swears about the never-ending COVID restrictions. Also, the fact that Joe Biden’s family is abusing him. Sadly, no aliens this week, but you never what might pop up in one of these episodes.

Wear headphones. Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast: Thanos Didn’t Go Far Enough

  1. So just a couple things. On Flynn: I kind of like your hopeful optimistic take on the Court of Appeals listening to the case. However, you guys were also quite high about Sullivan regularly smacking around the complete joke that was the DOJ’s case as well, so I don’t put much hope in your optimism.

    On difficulty in video games and the whining of “There needs to be an easy mode.” All I can think is “Bitch I grew up playing Super Mario Bros and trying to land the jet after the first mission in Top Gun. Need an easy mode my ass.”

  2. I agree with Brent about the lockdown’s damage to children. It was just myself and Pookette for 10 long weeks, and in a few weeks, we’ll see the extent of the damage to her social skills. I did what I could, but I’m a mom, not a fellow second-grader with infinite energy and imagination. At least she got in a lot of piano practice…

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