Drift Compatible Podcast – Bye Bye Bernie

As you probably guessed from the title, a decent portion of this week’s podcast is about the Democrat Presidential Primary. A bit of laughing, I mean, discussion on Bloomberg. Obviously Biden and Bernie. We get into Schumer going completely off his rocker.

We start talking about books we’ve recently read and that goes deep into the awesomeness of Sanderson.

Hope you enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast – Bye Bye Bernie

  1. The pre-apocalyptic thing sounds a lot like the Niven/Pournelle book Lucifer’s Hammer.

    It’s going to be a good year for books with the Peace Talks (Dresden #16) in July and the next Stormlight as you discussed.

  2. It was a very slight change in wording, but I could tell where Jordan’s writing stopped and Sanderson’s began in “The Gathering Storm.” (Probably the result of too many literature classes.) Sanderson did an excellent job in imitating Jordan’s style. But I am willing to bet yuuuge amounts of money that Jordan wrote the chapter “The Last Battle” in “A Memory of Light.” The pacing, the tying together of narrative threads, and even the verbiage itself seem to be straight from Jordan.

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