Drift Compatible Podcast – Loud Noises

Back with a shorter episode than normal this week due to family responsibilities.

Alex and Brent discuss the SC Democratic Debate, the response of some Republicans to the debate, whinging about disinformation, NTers deciding they get to set the conditions on their return to the party, and whatever else comes along.


Hope you enjoy. Don’t forget the headphones.

7 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast – Loud Noises

  1. I really think that he’s staying in because he thinks that this should have been Beau’s run, and Biden feels like it’s the only way to honor his son.

  2. Great podcast as always!
    Thanks for coming back.
    I think Joe thinks, like Hilary did, it’s his turn.
    That he’s being used and abused by his family and handlers is cruel and sort of sad to see. Until I recall what a dick he’s been through the years.

  3. Given the upbringing of the majority of Millennials/Gen Z, I worry that they don’t have the moral foundation to choose employment (Trump) over welfare (Bernie).

  4. Great podcast! The points y’all make about our education system as well as millennials and the smartphone generations. We may be on a path to our own destruction because of the designed cluelessness of these groups. It’s frightening.
    I’m 55, I never realized the depth of the provenance of all our country’s ills.

  5. Very nice podcast. Lots of interesting observations about millennials and education. And the swears / info ratio was won by BC.

    Good luck with your shoulder surgery, BC.

  6. The tranny surgery thing wasn’t that people thought the doctor should be allowed to do a surgery he wasn’t authorized to do. It was the incoherent headline. No one over at Ace thought it was right for it to happen. It’s just that it happens, as you said, all of the time. So, the thing people were upset about is that one there never should have been any surgery and the article descriptions are reality denying nonsense.

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