Drift Compatible Podcast 12-12-18

New week, new pod.

Hey guess what? We discuss a lot of crap.

We talk about Trump, Pelosi, and Schumer in the Oval Office. About the idea of debating this crap in public. We talk what the Supreme Court did, AND DID NOT, decide this week. We talk about The Weekly Standard. We talk baseball. We talk weather. And everything in between.

As always, headphones are a must.

Hope you enjoy this episode!


4 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast 12-12-18

  1. Keep it up! Thanks for the edits you make Brent like when the audio was cutting out. Don’t forget that could become a perfect opportunity to play games with her pitch on the recording!

  2. Hey, great podcast, as usual. I enjoyed it a lot. It’s great having y’all back; I hope y’all continue posting, I kind of need this with how crazy the world is and how little baseball is going on now.

    Thanks for everything, y’all. (And that’ll have to stand in for all the times I never post something like this).

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