Drift Compatible Podcast 12-4-18

Back after a couple weeks off for holidays/personal reasons.

So. Things are happening. We start off with me catching everyone up on something, personal, that I mentioned a couple months ago. From there we jump into the major stories of this week. Bush 41 passing away, SCOTUS curb stomping Civil Asset Forfeiture, the death of The Weekly Standard (*snickers*), and possibly a rape victim using a potato peeler to skin her assailant’s…..well….you get the idea. We wander to and fro as always.

Thanks for hanging in there and we hope you enjoy the episode.

P.S. – The audio is not entirely what I want it to be. Could be multiple things. Bad internet connection. Skype updated minutes before we connected. Alex is on a new device. Hopefully, we’ll have everything up to snuff next week. (BC)


5 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast 12-4-18

  1. In fairness, at the rate the left and NeverTrump are going, Trump’s death may very well result in an imperial funeral, complete with 100 days of games opened by the new Emperor Donald Trump, Jr.

  2. Sorry about your grandma, Brent. I agree with Alex-don’t look at the photos and try to remember the happy times.

    Idea for the next podcast: We hear the Empress’ declarations on Battlefield V, RDR 2 and Fallout 76!

  3. Given the Deep State resistance by the CIA, FBI etc., perhaps the conspiracy people were right with their concerns about former CIA Director Bush becoming president

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