Drift Compatible 5-7-18

So after a week off due to crappy internet on my part, we’re back and rolling this week. And ohhhhh all the stupid people.

We talk about John “Logan Act” Kerry, Bob Mueller, the breaking news regarding NY AG Eric Schneiderman, the Alphabet/gay rights insanity (yup, Alex went there), David French’s post at NRO about Trump and Evangelicals, and of course we wander about as always.

Go. Listen. Recommend. Wear headphones.


9 thoughts on “Drift Compatible 5-7-18

  1. If there ever was a commentary I wanted to hear regarding the demise of Schniederman (hack fraud), this is it. Been looking forward to it all day. Seriously.

  2. Sometimes I think you should break up parts of the podcast into individual segments so they could be easily linked to share because “You should check out this 2 hour podcast” is a bit harder to link than you should listen to this epic 3 minute sweary rant.

    Oh and for AtC, one of the gaming youtubers I follow loves Nier: Automata and says you’ll need three playthroughs for the full effect. He described it as 3 separate stories.

  3. Try Alien:Isolation. It’s a suvival horror game with emphasis on the horror. I’d try playing with headphones but I don’t think I would survive it.

  4. Brent, sounds like your ear is plugged with wax. There’s some OTC stuff to dissolve it or your doctor can flush it (slightly painful but WORTH IT). Also, keep in mind that earwax production rises when you’re stressed. I have to constantly clean mine out because my stress levels are through the roof.

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