Drift Compatible Podcast 4-24-18

It’s late. Don’t expect much from this post. The podcast, however, is our usual excellence.

WeirdDave had a couple questions regarding attorney/client privilege and Cons being shut out of social media that we tackled.

We talked “Forest Bathing”.

I went on a, PROFANITY WARNING, tirade about Hillary.

And of course, GOD OF WAR.

Go forth. Tell your friends. Use headphones.

4 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast 4-24-18

  1. ManyATrueNerd is my favorite YouTube streamer. Doesn’t swear. Donut Operator my current favorite non gaming channel

  2. Good episode. I have a question that I’d love it if you two could provide an aswer: what are some good books on the legal system/basics of the law for us non-lawyers?

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