Drift Compatible Podcast 12-13-16

We’re all living in crazy town, apparently. This time around, Alex and I discuss the Ruskies “hacking” the election, the recount, the bombing in Egypt, and, of course, we wander all over the place. We spent a little time laughing at Hillary, which is always good for the soul.

I assume everyone knows by now, but just in case someone new wanders through, EXTREME LANGUAGE WARNING. NSFAnybody. Use headphones. Keep away from small children.



Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

(Just to mess with Eris, I’m linking it again) Arrow

6 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast 12-13-16

  1. I’ll have to do a better job of checking the sidebar at AoSHQ to keep track of when a new ‘cast is out.

    Hey, Alex, I’m over 6’ 4″….I’m also over 70. One can but dream.

    • *taps chin* Are you rich? Do you have a heart condition?

      I mean how very scandalous! I am, wait, what’s that thing I’m supposed to pretend to be? Oh. Yes. Upset. Horrified. You know, knickers all twisted, etc.

      What with being a delicate flower of innocent virtue and all.

  2. Must concur with Cochran re: Star Wars Rogue One. While enjoyable, I would place it at number 5 in the SW franchise after the original trilogy and The Force Awakens. The rebels were a dull and scruffy lot and nearly indistinguishable, the lighting was muddy, and most of the fun to be had was at callbacks to the older, better Star Wars characters and interludes. Best new addition was the dyspeptic robot K-2S0. He should have his own flick.

    And if I may channel my mother for a moment – I know they’re rebels on the run, but would it kill them to shower, shave, and run a comb through their hair?

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