Drift Compatible Podcast 1-17-17

Oh. Dear. God.

So Alex and I have been gone for a bit. We took a bit of a break over Christmas/New Year’s. Not just because of the holidays, but to recharge and refuel for the podcast. We explain and talk about that some in the first bit of the podcast.

And by “first bit”, I mean somewhere in the first hour. Maybe near the end part of the middle.

Honestly. I’m not sure.

Yeah, we were super long and opinionated and yelly and I was a bit drunk in this episode.

We talked about personal stuff. We talked about Rep. John Lewis and Trump, this is where I went off and got all loud and profane, we talked about our current media/Hollywood culture. We talked about the excellence that is Tim Scott.

Look. We talked about a lot of shit, ok? Just listen, WITH HEADPHONES, enjoy, and share with friends.



Stardew Valley

Final Fantasy XV

V for Vendetta

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story



Oh. And because I promised a pic of my new Scary Black Rifle…..


3 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast 1-17-17

  1. Excellent marathon podcast! BC, if you are unable to leave the conversation and pee yourself, whence comes a big puddle on your marriage bed, just blame it on Russian hookers trying to frame you.

  2. I haven’t listened yet, I just wanted, before I did, to say thank you for turning me on to the History of Rome podcast. I was really sick over the holidays and listening to it helped my mental state a great deal. Only problem is, I’ve gotten as far as Nero and gotten stalled. No offense meant to Alex, but it’s like the Julio-Claudian dynasty consists of Julius the Giant and a bunch of midgets.

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