Drift Compatible Podcast Episode….IDEFK

So Alex and I went reeeeeaaaaally long this time around. Partially because I’m drinking heavily and partially because we got REALLY yelly and had things to discuss.

I’m warning you right now, the language is pretty heavy even for us. Alex and I disagreed strongly on a topic and it resulted in lots of yelling at each other and adult language.

On the plus side, you folks get a glimpse at what off line arguments and conversation between Alex and I looks like.

We discussed a lot of stuff tonight including the terrorist attack in Orlando, gun control measure, the fecklessness of the GOP, the horrible tragedy of the boy attacked by a gator at Disney World, Star Trek’s reboot Chekov dying, the absurdity of college campuses, and much much more.

I will be completely honest, I wasn’t kidding when I said how much tequila I was into. So I don’t really remember which links on which topics I said I’d link to. I do remember the HeatStreet article about the college insanity. Yell at me in the comments and I will link the other stuff.

College Campus Insanity


Suicide Squad

Peaky Blinders

Independence Day: Resurgence

Star Wars: Darth Bane

Star Wars: Heir to the Empire

10 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast Episode….IDEFK

  1. >>>Yell at me in the comments and I will link the other stuff.

    How about a direct link to the mp3? My browser doesn’t like your app thingy, so I have to go digging into the page source to find the link.


  2. I think Alex is right on the gator story, but she used a weak example for the “No Swimming” sign when she mentioned fountains. It is not unusual to see a no swimming sign on a body of water for the simple reason that the owner of the property doesn’t want to have lifeguards or to make sure the body of water is clear of hazards like underwater debris. That seems to me a far cry from the assumption that if there is a no swimming sign you should be aware that there is an animal in there that might kill you. Floridians might know that gators are lurking in all the lagoons, but why would visitors have this knowledge. Unless they are warned. A no swimming sign is just not that kind of warning.

  3. Glad to have you back!

    Nerd point (the best kind of point) for Brent: if it says “Legends” on it, it’s not canon. Which is why people were so ticked at Chuck Wendig’s objectively awful “Aftermath” because that was what Disney replaced actually enjoyable books with.

  4. I suspect that the reason that the good die young – is that God has us here to decide which side we are on, his or Satan’s. We are taken out when God senses the answer to that question.

  5. Anon Y. Mous,
    “How about a direct link to the mp3?”

    Temporary fix until the Mgt. gets a round 2 It:

    Right click on the page with the podcast you wanna download.

    in firefox or chrome select “View Page Source”.
    in safari, select “Delete entire computer/Y/Y/Y”

    Next Control+F, and search for ‘mp3.’ Right click on the mp3?_=1 link , ‘Save As’ , and save as ‘Ranty McRanter’s Poddycasting with Sooper Swears, Volume xxx.’

  6. I have to agree with Anon Y. Mous. No Swimming in most parts of the country is associated with no swimming. Wading etc, you can get away with it. Stay Out of the Water has a clearer meaning. Add a Dangerous Animals to the statement and it is perfectly clear. Not being from Florida, I wouldn’t know that every body of water has an alligator.

  7. Question for when you have you next podcast sometime in the possible near immediate distant on horizon future. What is the law with regards to citizen action when the government has completely failed to enforce the law?

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