Drift Compatible Podcast – We’re Back!

It has been far far too long, but AlextheChick and I are back and talking about…whatever random crap we want.

We spend a good bit of time talking about where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to. We also take some time to discuss why we both do and don’t care about Colin Kaepernick. Brief laughing at Carlos Danger. Louisiana flooding and the folks there. And of course we finish with some books, video games, etc.

As always, we wander a lot within those topics. Because we can.

Books, Games, Etc.

Tom Clancy

The Witcher

No Man’s Sky

NES Classic Edition

God of War 4

One thought on “Drift Compatible Podcast – We’re Back!

  1. One of your best podcasts. I appreciate the surgical strike of the C-bomb rather than carpeting your target with F-bombs.

    So now that you’ve survived The Outside from the relative safety of a cruise ship, are you now ready for an adventure vacation? Glamping on K-2, perhaps?

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