Drift Compatible Podcast 5-24-16

We’re back and recording and thank goodness for that.

We hit a lot of different headlines this time around. We talked about taking about AQ’s top leader via drone strike, Gen Votel’s trip to Syria, general insanity in the Middle East, arms embargoes in Vietnam, the insanity of the regulatory state, DOJ lawyers being out of control, further pushback against Civil Asset Forfeiture, and, of course, we wandered in and out of all sorts of topics.

We also have a very special guest early on.





The Brotherhood of the Wheel – RS Belcher

The Great Zoo of China – Matthew Reilly

Fragment – Warren Zahy

2 thoughts on “Drift Compatible Podcast 5-24-16

  1. I just wanted to add one additional item to Alex’s comment about we had to bomb Japan twice. Even after that, there was an attempt to prevent the Emperor’s surrender speech from being broadcast. Had the Emperor refused to surrender, we would have had to bomb them into the stone age.

  2. “it took us an hour in to drop an f-bomb?”

    Losing your edge, you two.

    I blame the Acceptance phase of Trump’s candidacy. 😛

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