Drift Compatible Podcast

Back! And yelling! And cursing! (Seriously, we both drop F bombs in the first 100 seconds.)

We didn’t realize it until late in the episode, but apparently we had a theme this week: Power and F***ing.

We started with the various insanities currently ongoing on college campuses, then we moved to the latest Russian aggressions, and rounded out everything wonderfully with a discussion on Civil Asset Forfeiture.

I will warn folks, very late in the podcast, we derailed into a discussion on specific abuses of Constitutional power and a story about a woman detained by police. This woman was subjected, repeatedly, to invasive searches of her body. This discussion is, frankly, graphic at times and disturbing. You have been warned.




No specific listings this week. Go read pretty much anything by Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, or Tom Clancy.

Drift Compatible Podcast – SPECIAL EDITION

So we’re back and we’re discussing….everything but politics. That’s right, for the first time, the Drift Compatible Podcast is going No Politics.

We’ve got baseball, The Masters, movies, and video games.

Basically we decided that we wanted to spend an episode just talking about stuff that we find fun. Stuff that makes us happy. So here it is.

We’ll be back to our ragey selves next time.


The language is still, of course, NSFW.


Come on now, you didn’t think we were gonna make it three weeks in a row, now did you?

Because we’re not.

And I hope whoever gave me this awesome stomach bug, well, a thousand years in the belly of a Sarlacc should make us about even.

So there’s no Drift Compatible this week. But I do have something for you. A new show I’m involved in. The Contrarians. Every Sunday evening at 8pmEST will be a live show with me, Andrea Ruth, Kyle Foley, and Jordan Ecarma. Our first episode was last night.