Drift Compatible Podcast

Back! And yelling! And cursing! (Seriously, we both drop F bombs in the first 100 seconds.)

We didn’t realize it until late in the episode, but apparently we had a theme this week: Power and F***ing.

We started with the various insanities currently ongoing on college campuses, then we moved to the latest Russian aggressions, and rounded out everything wonderfully with a discussion on Civil Asset Forfeiture.

I will warn folks, very late in the podcast, we derailed into a discussion on specific abuses of Constitutional power and a story about a woman detained by police. This woman was subjected, repeatedly, to invasive searches of her body. This discussion is, frankly, graphic at times and disturbing. You have been warned.




No specific listings this week. Go read pretty much anything by Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, or Tom Clancy.